Star to Handstand on Hands (L-Base)

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Level: Intermediate


Shoulderstand on feet to handstand on hands is not only one of the easiest H2H transitions, it is also a got calibration excersice. Thus, it's part of many advanced acrobats  warm up and calibtration routine. The flyer starts in shoulderstand on feet and slowly goes to a handstand position by opening the shoulders. From there the base extrends the arms.


The base starts opening your shoulders. Keep your shoulders relaxed so that it is easy for the base to open your shoulders.

  • Make your handstand line
  • Bring your shoulders as close as possible to your ears and keep this form.
  • For the whole exercise keep your arms extended and block your elbows.

Take care that you do not arch in the handstand position.


  • Bring your feet a little bit more to the back of the flyer

When in shoulderstand on feet the weight should be just on your toes and not on the whole foot.

  • Open your flyer´s shoulders by bringing your hands under his/her shoulders

You can do this in a wide circle or in a straight line movement).

  • Bend your legs to make it easier to push your flyer up.
  • Extend your legs slowly and continue this movement with your arms.

The handstand line of the flyer should be stacked in one line over your shoulders and hands.


The weight should be on the front of your hands. Keep the wrists at about an angle of 45 degrees. Do not squeeze the hands of your partner.


Stand on the side or the back of the flyer and spot the hips of the flyer.

Specific Challenges


  • Keep your shoulders relaxed in the beginning. If the balance with relaxed shoulders is a problem you should train more on e.g. Free Shoulderstand.
  • Take care that you do not arch your handstand during/after the pushing out.


  • Extend the arms when the flyer is over your shoulders. Many bases bring the flyer over their head and then try to extend the arms but that is to far.

Prerequisites flyer

  • Free shoulderstand on feet
  • Handstand on the floor

Perquisites base

  • Free shoulderstand on feet
  • L-sit
  • Standing in hands (L-Base)