About Acrodicted

Why did I create acrodicted?

No image available Surprisingly, the origin of acrodicted isn’t acro-related. It was related to a skill that became one of my new passions over the last half year: coding! Initially I just wanted to improve my (not existing) programming skills and thought the easiest way to learn a new skill is to connect it to an already existing passion! It wasn’t hard for me to find a topic to combine coding with. As I have personally noticed how difficult it is to memorize acrobatic input. On workshops and conventions I am learning so many new things but writing them down on paper (and losing this paper or at least not finding it in the right moment) has been an issue for me for a while. Thus, I started to code a website with a database for acrobatics. Whenever you learned something new or found out a key point for a pose or a transition you can send it into this database. It is searchable, so you know how to find the information, you have access to it as long as you have an internet connection and you can also help others to improve because they can read your notes and comments!

What does the word acrodicted mean (to me)?

Acrodicted is a blend of the two words acrobatics and addicted. Over the last years I feel I have become really passionate or even addicted to acrobatics. Whenever I train together with a friend, I forget the time and I sometimes even forget that I am already exhausted. Again and again, it’s a powerful experience for me when I succeed with a trick that was hard for me before or when I see the bright eyes of my partner after a trick. This cocktail of adrenaline and endorphin makes me feel happy and alive. Don’t you feel the same? You need more and more of this sweet drug. You are acrodicted!

About this database

This app is a database of acrobatic Poses, Transitions and soon also Sequences. The poses form the base of the hierarchy of this database. All poses can be filtered by the position of the base and the flyer and their contact point. Every pose has an illustration designed by ©acrodicted and a section with a description of what to do for the base, flyer and spotter.

This web-project should work as a digital memory and give a condensed overview about crucial points of different poses, transitions and sequences which can help to learn the skills and should be collected by the whole of the acro community. This strong community helps to complete and maintain the content of this app. I am looking forward to receiving notes, comments and questions from you!

Designing the illustrations is a lot of work, so if you want to use them please read our Copyright & Terms of Use section carefully.


In this part I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout the creation of acrodicted. It might seem unusual to have an acknowledgement section on a website but I received so much support and I learned so much during the creation of this project that this seems important to me.

Thank you Estelle, Korbinian, Ludwig and Christoph for your support and guidance in programming the database and search engine. Thank you Judith for your friendly advice, feedback and for entering most of the first version content. Thanks Clara for putting the finishing touches to acrodicted. I also want to express my thanks to all the acro teachers that were helping me with their constructive criticism and feature requests, especially to Wybren. (Although, most of the features are not published yet!)

For the categorization of the poses the book “Het grote duo acrobatiek trukenboek” by Kees Kloosterboer inspired me a lot.

What is acrodicted?

It's a online resource for acrobatics and an digital memory that allows you to remember the keypoints that helped to master a trick!
These keypoints and experiences can also help other acrobats to get better.