Acro Resources

Every acrobat and acroyogi needs a little help on their journey no matter if beginner or pro.

These are some of the resources and tools that have helped me most understanding acrobatics.
Play safe, have fun, and enjoy to explore them and decide what works best for you. If you know more good acro resources send me an email

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This list was originally started by Adi Firefly.

Free Resources

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FEDEC acrobatic manuals

«Basic Circus Arts Instruction Manual» in French, English, German and Portuguese. This manual is now a reference tool for circus arts trainers, complementing their practical training.

Author: FEDEC
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Acropedia now include sections devoted to transitions, whips, pops, and standing acrobatics. The website has a built in social network where everyone can create a user login to share their pictures, videos, and a map of events.

Author: Josh Young Lizzy Tomber
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This website is the photoarchive of acrobatic poses.There are >12000 acrobatic photos on this site right now and it keeps growing.

Author: Evgeniy Rubashkin
No image available manual

In this manual you can find many postures, poses and sequences to inspire your practice of acro, partner acrobatics, partner yoga and acroyoga. Many pictures and videos, all for free.

Author: Niko Douwes Emily Baxter Lorenzo Becchi
No image available, an international database of Acrobatic-Tricks.

Author: Hugo Hanssen
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Morethandreaming acro-guide

Do More Acro Yoga: How to hack a busy schedule, be wildly productive and make your practice work for you

Author: Kendra Charts Francis Tabin
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Online circus manuals and training. Over 800 videos of circus moves. Completely free to use.

Author: Lucy Misch
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VanCity Acro Manual

This e-book is a comprehensive manual that offers practical approaches to the foundational AcroYoga postures, along with in-depth instructions in complementary additions to an AcroYoga practice including Communication and Core Stability Exercises

Author: Slava Goloubov Devon French
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AcroTalk is a community to discuss all forms of partner acrobatics. Come here to ask questions and offer advice. This is a place for thoughtful, in-depth, advertisement-free discussion and conversation.

Author: Ron Avitzur
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Find AcroYoga and partner acro around the world. Our mission is to help bring the acro world together.

Author: Ron Avitzur
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Yogabatics Instructional Video Series

10-part Instructional Video Series. Learn To do Acro Yoga safely, wonderfully, and awesomely! 24 Poses & Transitions

Author: Grant Shipman
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Inspired by traditional yoga asanas and L-based acrobatic flying, this progressive yoga system includes both solo and partner practice. The aerial part revolves around one partner (the base) supporting the other (the flyer) in flying through the ai

Author: Claudine Lafond Honza Lafond
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Standing Acrobatics Spotting Guide

Information to help you become the best spotter possible. Spotting is such a crucial part of our practices and so it was really important to me to get this video done and make sure it was absolutely 'spot' on.

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Idefirefly - Short-list of Acro Online Resources

Partner acro, circus, acro flow, acroyoga, natural movement...what ARE we talking about when we use these terms?
Find out here!

Author: Adi Foss Adi Firefly

Paid Resources

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Standing Acrobatics

Delivering high quality coaching & instruction for Standing Acrobatics, Hand to Hand and Handstands directly to you. (some free, some paid!)

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Hand to Hand Maker

Get tailored programs for your needs. This is not a passive program, you will be in contact with Duo Die on a regular basis receiving new training sessions as you complete your assignments! ($395/ month.)

Author: Duo Die Acrobatics
No image available manual

Elements of AcroYoga Manual explores the key foundational volume of AcroYoga: acrobatic training techniques, step-by-step inversion methodology, refined Thai Massage sequences, improved and expanded therapeutic flying sequences

Author: Jason Nemer Jenny Sauer-Klein
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Handstand Maker

We offer personalized, interactive online handstand training to help you reach your goals. ($250/ month.)

Author: Jean-Luc Martin

What is acrodicted?

It's a online resource for acrobatics and an digital memory that allows you to remember the keypoints that helped to master a trick!
These keypoints and experiences can also help other acrobats to get better.