L-Sit (L-Base) to Star

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Level: Intermediate



  • Keep your arms straight above your shoulders.
  • Wait until the the flyer has roled onto your legs before extending them (6-7).
  • Point your hands slightly up (the angle depends on the preference of base and flyer).
  • Keep strong wrists and sink your shoulders into the floor.


  • Go to a tuck position and make yourself as small as possible. (2-6).
  • Start the rolling by lifting your hips. Keep the arms straight as long as possible.
  • When you feel the base's toes on your shoulder push more and roll onto the base's feet until you are an in tuck-shoulderstand position.
  • In this moment the base will start to extend the legs slowly and you can extend your legs to come to the final position.


  • Stand on the side.
  • Start with your hands underneath the armpits of the flyer and change to support under the shoulder when the flyer begins to roll (4).