Handstand on Shins

Base Position: Base lying on the back
Flyer Position: Flyer on hands
Contact Point: Flyer on shins of base



  • Keep your knees at the same width as the shoulders of the flyer.
  • Lift your feet to offer a <90° angle platform for the flyer to make a handstand.
  • Balance the flyer by moving the legs, without changing the angle in your knee joint.


  • Make your handstand position.
  • Open your shoulders to 180°, but do not arch your back.
  • Don't control the balance.


  • Stand at the back of the flyer.
  • Spot the shoulders and the hips of the flyer.
  • Push the shoulders of the flyer back if the flyer closes the shoulders too much.
  • Bring the flyer safely to the floor by guiding/holding the hips or thighs.