Reverse Bird

Base Position: Base lying on the back
Flyer Position: Flyer lying on the belly
Contact Point: Flyer on feet of base


Reverse Plank on L-base is a common pose in a lot of washing machines where the flyer is lying with the hips on the L-base looking away from the base.


Hold your legs in a 90° angle or slightly towards your face.  This protects flyer from falling away. Flex your feet (this keeps the flyer from falling forward). Your feet are parallel to each other and on upper thighs, flyer’s hipbone one padding of foot. A common mistake is the foot is too high on the flyer’s stomach. Micro bend the knees to get your flyer in position. Once up, very slowly bring your legs into a 90 degree angle.


Keep your front body up, open your chest by pulling your shoulder blades together and keep your legs up (arch a bit, for some flyers it helps to look to the horizon). Do not hold your base’s hands, instead push off their calves if you need support. Tighten up your core. Relax your shoulders.

  • Be prepared to tilt to the side and bring your feet and hands down to brace for a fall


The most likely crashes are that the flyers fall to the front or side away from base and the flyer stepping on the base’s torso or face .

  • Spot to the side of the flyer
  • Focus on the upper body and make sure you are close and underneath the flyer.

Prerequisites base

  • Solo pushups 5-10 times or tuck sit holds 5-10 seconds
  • Front plank pose
  • Assisted reverse bird (base pulls down on flyer’s ankles) presses 5-10 times

Prerequisites flyer

  • Superman/reverse situps on the ground and on yoga blocks 5-10 times
  • Regular plank on L-base unassisted 5-10 seconds