Biceps stand on Feet (L-Base)

Base Position: Base lying on the back
Flyer Position: Flyer on hands
Contact Point: Flyer on feet of base



Hold your legs in a 90° angle to your upper body (ankles are slightly wider than your hips to accomodate for flyer's shoulders + biceps length). Balance the flyer.


Keep a straight and tight body (engage your core). Body inclination is not vertical but roughly 10-20° backward. Biceps are resting on the soles of the base. Soles are locked by the elbows of the flyer. Circle the legs of the base and hold onto the shins. Fingers point down. Do not sink your shoulders towards the ground. Biceps should be horizontal. Head is facing to the belly of the flyer.


Spot at the back of the flyer and prevent the flyer from falling over.