Sitting on Shoulders (Standing Base) to Two-Man-High

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Level: Intermediate


This is an easy and controlled way to stand up from sitting on shoulders to Two-Man-High pose.


Place your left hand on the head of the base. Your right hand takes the hand of the base. Your left foot steps in the inside of the base's elbow. Extend your leg and stand up together with pressing up trough both hands. Place your right foot on the right shoulder of the base and extend this leg. Place also the left foot on the shoulder and extend your whole body to stand upright. Look to the horizon


Hold your right hand approximately at eye level and your left arm in parallel to the floor in front of your belly/chest. When the flyer puts the foot on your shoulders stabilize it by pushing back your head slightly. As soon as the flyer stops holding your hand, bring your hand to the calf of your flyer and pull it down without pulling it to the front. Pulling down will help the flyer to lock the knee but pulling to the front will unlock the knee.


Stand half in the back half sideways to the base and spot the hips of the flyer.