Reverse Bird to Standing in Hands on Bent Arms (L-Base)

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Level: Beginner


Reverse Plank to Standing in Hands on bent arms is a basic acrobatic transition. The flyer keeps the body shape and the feet of the base are working as a pivot point to tilt the flyer from the Reverse Plank position to standing in hands.  


Flex yout toes, bent the legs and reach for the feet of the feet of the flyer. Take your time to get the right grip on the feet of the flyer. Extend the legs and shift the weight of the flyer on your hands. For beginners it is helpful to press the arms in and stabilize them with their hip.

  • Keep your hands at a slight angle.
  • Keep your hands straight above your ellbow.


  • Hold a straight and tighten up your body.
  • Keep your legs hip width apart.
  • Relax your feet.
  • Look to the horizon (and smile).


  • Stand on the side.
  • Reach for the upper body of the flyer.