Two-Man-High to Handstand on Hands (Standing Base)

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Level: Advanced



  • Take the hands, look to your flyer. Start with the hands at about eye-height (1-5).
  • Breathe in, so that the flyer knows that the trick will start now.
  • Start the tempo by bending the knees (4) slowly. Keep the arms straight and don't move them.
  • From the lowest point start slowly to extend the legs  gradually increases the speed (crescendo) (4-5).
  • In the moment when the flyers up-movement is the fastest you may extend the arms a little (optional) (5-7).
  • Lower the arms slowly with resistance and park them to a stable position.
  • Tighten up your core and intend not to walk.
  • Your hands should be open and rotate your hands to the inside (this offers a nice platform for the flyer to make a handstand).
  • Hold a 45° angle in your wrists.


  • Slowly bend your legs together with the tempo of the base (3-4)
  • From the lowest point start slowly to extend the legs together with the bases tempo (5).
  • Don't jump! Just extent the tempo of the base and open your shoulders immediately.(6-7).
  • Bring your legs to a closed tuck position (8-9).
  • Come to your handstand position (9).
  • Make your handstand position
  • Hold a 45° angle in your wrists.
  • Open your shoulders to 180°, but don’t arch your back.
  • Don't control the balance.


  • Stand at the back of the flyer.
  • Spot the shoulders of the flyer.
  • Push the shoulders of the flyer back if the flyer closes the shoulders too much.
  • Bring the flyer safely to the floor by holding the shoulder and reaching/guiding the hips or thighs.