Reverse Straddle Sit on Feet (L-Base) to Reverse Handstand on Hands (L-Base)

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Level: Advanced



  • Keep your position until you reach the hands of the base. 
  • Keep the arms straight the whole time. 
  • Then open the shoulders and keep your back straight. 


  • Bend your knee to reach for the flyers hands. 
  • Flex your toes so that the flyer stays balanced during the coming down phase. 
  • Rotate your hands externally and offer a nice platform for the reverse handstand. 
  • Extend the knees to give the flyer a small pop to come to the handstand position. 
  • Keep the arms straight and over your shoulders.


  • Spot the shoulders of the flyer.
  • Push the shoulders back if the flyer closes them too much.