Standing on Head (Sitting Base)

Base Position: Sitting base
Flyer Position: Standing flyer
Contact Point: Flyer in/on arms of base



  • straddled legs or a "sitting-on-your-heels-position" is easier to keep, as a long-legs-sit.
  • try to have a really upright position with your upperbody (a lot of bases are leaning to much in front, which brings their head to much in the neck)


  • Hold a straight and upright position. Tighten up your body.
  • keep your bodyweight a little in front on your toes 
  • press your legs and feet together 
  • try actively to keep your position with your little feet-muscles (if your base is a little oldfashioned, don't tell him that you're doing this, but it helps him a lot...:-))


  • Stand in the back or a bit sideways of the flyer
  • hands touching the flyers hip!
  • look allways down to the head of the base. If he struggles, carry the flyer down immediately!